Thursday, October 28, 2010

Tornado Damage To Elburn IL / Wind Damage 10.26.10

On Tuesday Oct. 26 2010 The Midwest experienced a record breaking Storm. The Warnings started to post a few days before due to High Winds that would be experienced during this storm, and by early morning the Tornado Watches were being posted.
 At 2a.m. I left my home to meet up with Adam Lucio with the thought of going to IN, SPC has issued a High Risk for just about the entire state. I arrived at Adam's house at about 3:30a.m. at which time we looked over models and runs trying to figure out why SPC had issued this risk and were we were going to head. We decided to take an hour power nap and once got up reviewed the models again. Due to the terrain and timing of this storm we decided not to chase for the day. Of course about 30mins after leaving his home the tornado warnings started to be issued, one as close as Peatone IL and Elburn IL. There were a few farther south. Unfortunately I did miss out on the Tornadoes for the day, so I went out today and surveyed some of the Wind damage and Tornado Damage. A families home and farm were in the direct path of the tornado and after visiting their home my heart goes out to their family. It is devastating to be part of an experience like this and thankfully no life was lost.
 This was not the first Tornado for Elburn IL, in August of 2009 Elburn experienced two Tornadoes that verified in strength from an EF0 - EF1 just 2 miles from where the EF1 Tornado of Oct 26th 2010 had hit. Here is a google map that shows the paths of the EF1 Tornado of 2009 and the EF1 Tornado of 2010, also here is a link to the Tornado Damage from the EF1 Tornado that took place in 2009 from my previous blog.

Here are some photos of the damage in the area, I ran out of sun light and will be back out again tomorrow.

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  1. It's a shame to see so many old farms destroyed that way.