Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Late November Chase 11.22.10

Monday started off with thinking not much of anything was going to happen for the day. SPC had a Slight Risk for the day with possibilities of 2 or more tornadoes. I had thought of heading out west for the day and chasing, but decided to stay at home and see if anything would unfold.

It was when I was in line at the grocery store go figure that the cashier had made mention there was a tornado watch which put me rushing home to see just what was going on. After looking at radar I quickly headed out originally heading for Rockford. I changed course along the way, my thought was the southern storm would produce which also had rotation within the storm already. I should have stayed north as about an hour later it put down a EF2 near Rockford!...

I made good time and intercepted the southern storm near Earlville IL. South of DeKalb and followed it to Hinckley.  I started taking photos and watch as things were coming together. I decided to shoot further south so I could trail along side it. On a random gravel road I happen to run into Skip Talbot (, so we teamed up and I followed behind. As soon as we got back on the road I started to get pelted by severe hail, this is where I picked up a few new dents to the new jeep.

A few minutes later it became Tornado Warned and things were looking good. However I quickly fell into the core and played catch up trying to get a good view, but didn’t have much luck. We stayed on the storm all the way back to South Elgin where a few minutes before the Tornado Sirens had been going off. Looking at radar there wasn’t much that was going to take place and it would be difficult to keep up in the burbs with how fast the storms were moving so the chase was called. It was a great time out for a last year chase in November, no complaints from me here!

If I realized I would have not have been able to keep up, I would have pulled over and taken some photos. These are some shots taken while trying to keep up, it is not easy to hold the camera out the window while driving at 60+mph..

Friday, October 29, 2010

Elburn Tornado 10.26.10 Revisited - New Photos

I revisited the Tornado Damage in Elbun today from the Tornado on 10.26.10; I was more amazed today with the sun up and seeing just what had taken place. I hadn't realized that not only did it effect the home owners Barn, but their home as well. It is sad to think in an area that is a majority of farm land and a few homes this Tornado took path directly at every structure on this owners land. This may have only been an EF1 Tornado, but the photos taken truly do not show what has taken place here. I did not want to take photos of their home, so here are some additional photos of the barn that took the most damage and debris that was scattered throughout the field.

Debris that is scattered from the Barn across the field

Debris from the first Barn scattered across the field

Additional Debris scattered across the field from the first barn the Tornado hit

Another photo of debris from the first barn the Tornado struck

Another angle of the debris path the Tornado took after it struck the first barn
The debris trail after the Tornado struck the second Barn

Another angle of the debris trail after the second barn

The debris from the second barn continues into the field across the street

Debris that is scattered across the field from the second barn

Debris that goes from the farm across the field.

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Tornado Damage To Elburn IL / Wind Damage 10.26.10

On Tuesday Oct. 26 2010 The Midwest experienced a record breaking Storm. The Warnings started to post a few days before due to High Winds that would be experienced during this storm, and by early morning the Tornado Watches were being posted.
 At 2a.m. I left my home to meet up with Adam Lucio with the thought of going to IN, SPC has issued a High Risk for just about the entire state. I arrived at Adam's house at about 3:30a.m. at which time we looked over models and runs trying to figure out why SPC had issued this risk and were we were going to head. We decided to take an hour power nap and once got up reviewed the models again. Due to the terrain and timing of this storm we decided not to chase for the day. Of course about 30mins after leaving his home the tornado warnings started to be issued, one as close as Peatone IL and Elburn IL. There were a few farther south. Unfortunately I did miss out on the Tornadoes for the day, so I went out today and surveyed some of the Wind damage and Tornado Damage. A families home and farm were in the direct path of the tornado and after visiting their home my heart goes out to their family. It is devastating to be part of an experience like this and thankfully no life was lost.
 This was not the first Tornado for Elburn IL, in August of 2009 Elburn experienced two Tornadoes that verified in strength from an EF0 - EF1 just 2 miles from where the EF1 Tornado of Oct 26th 2010 had hit. Here is a google map that shows the paths of the EF1 Tornado of 2009 and the EF1 Tornado of 2010, also here is a link to the Tornado Damage from the EF1 Tornado that took place in 2009 from my previous blog.

Here are some photos of the damage in the area, I ran out of sun light and will be back out again tomorrow.