Friday, October 29, 2010

Elburn Tornado 10.26.10 Revisited - New Photos

I revisited the Tornado Damage in Elbun today from the Tornado on 10.26.10; I was more amazed today with the sun up and seeing just what had taken place. I hadn't realized that not only did it effect the home owners Barn, but their home as well. It is sad to think in an area that is a majority of farm land and a few homes this Tornado took path directly at every structure on this owners land. This may have only been an EF1 Tornado, but the photos taken truly do not show what has taken place here. I did not want to take photos of their home, so here are some additional photos of the barn that took the most damage and debris that was scattered throughout the field.

Debris that is scattered from the Barn across the field

Debris from the first Barn scattered across the field

Additional Debris scattered across the field from the first barn the Tornado hit

Another photo of debris from the first barn the Tornado struck

Another angle of the debris path the Tornado took after it struck the first barn
The debris trail after the Tornado struck the second Barn

Another angle of the debris trail after the second barn

The debris from the second barn continues into the field across the street

Debris that is scattered across the field from the second barn

Debris that goes from the farm across the field.

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