Saturday, August 21, 2010

Shelf Cloud Aug. 13th 2010

On August 13th I was given a belated birthday gift from mother nature. There had been a line of storms that had been moving from Iowa and Missourie that had been making its way across portions of Il. Around 6pm I headed out as it made its way closer to home to see if there was anything worth photographing. As I came into a clearing I was excited to see a beautiful shelf cloud making its way towards me. Nothing to incredible, but I always enjoy shelf clouds and photographing them. After I got home and pulled up the photos I was a little dissapointed to realize I had the wrong setting on my camera set (such a noob mistake..) The clouds turned out a little grainy....

Here area few photos taken that evening...

Sunday, August 1, 2010

I'm Back

Well I have not posted all season, however it was not much of a season. This was the first season for me with the new promotion, it was a little tough getting time off to get out and chase but you gotta make the money.
 I was only able to chase a couple of times this year and of which was a bust, so not much to show. However this season for those that were able to get out it was an amazing season! Beautiful photogenic Tornadoes, Squall Lines and even Record Breaking Hail! I have to admit I was a little jealous watching those on ChaserTV and viewing their photos and videos when they got home, however I am happy others were able to capitalize on this season!
 An update on, this site will be coming down soon and I will be creating a new site over this holiday season to get ready for next year.
 Here are a few shots from this year that I was able to get, nothing special but hey it is what it is.