Sunday, January 17, 2010

Upcoming Events and News For 2010

 It is that time of the year again; time to prepare for the Chase season ahead. This year I have a lot of goals in mind that I want to achieve. The only conflict I have is my current career; its a matter of if I am able to take time off in a very short notice to make it out to chase. I have to plan carefully when looking at the outlooks and make very educated decisions for what I choose to chase and only ask for time that has high probability for Tornadic conditions. I work for a great company; but retail is always difficult to get time off in a short time, but I will work with whatever time I receive off.

Jeep / Equipment Upgrades:
 I have added a few upgrades to the Jeep for this season including a Laptop Mount and New Camcorder Mount. I should have new All Terran Tires come tomorrow and I still have to make a visit to (Photos Coming Soon!)
 I have purchased a new HD Sony Camcorder (CX500V); playing around with it thus far it is an amazing camcorder! Great low level lights recording; amazing stability and a variety of options to work with.
 I finally picked up the Wide Angle / Macro Lens I have been wanting and am looking forward to taking some Wide Angle shots this season.

 I am currently putting together a new website ( which I have been spending most of my time on to have that up and running before the season starts.
 I have also partnered up with to stream live this season which I am very excited about. All the chasers on are a great group, a lot of knowledge amongst these chasers.

Upcoming Events:
 ChaserCon is approaching fast. I will be leaving Feb. 10th and taking the train with a few friends Danny Neal and Adam Lucio to Denver. I have yet to make it out to this event and this year should be a great year! It will be nice to meet everyone I have spoken to over the past year or two over FB/SC.

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