Saturday, October 31, 2009

Reflecting Back On 2009 Season

I find myself after this last disappointment from Mother Nature reflecting back on Storm Season 2009. For most it was a disappointing season....For me it has been one of the best seasons yet. I met some great people, made a few new friends, I also had the opportunity to bring others along to enjoy the thrill of the chase and experience what I am able to each season. What truly topped of this season was May 13th Edina MO chase. I intercepted a Tornadic Cell which produced a tornado in Edina, I was out with fellow chasers who from all over Il. and ever a few from other states. (check out more on Edina MO Chase - )

Later in the season I intercepted another Tornatic Cell which just a few minuets before produced two tornadoes in Elburn Il. I met the home owners and offered my help with the clean up from the damage. The home owners allowed me to survey the damage and I gained a even deeper respect for Mother Nature with the effects it can have on our lives. This drew me in even closer than I have been for the past 10 years...It is amazing what in the grand scheme of things a relatively weak Tornado; how much damage can be done. That is the mystery though, that is what brings me and all of the others chasers back year after year, pushing to get closer and closer each year and find out any details to the puzzle so we can help protect and educate those around us to what may save a life some day.

We are all out here for our own reasons; to photograph or film the wondrous beauty of Mother Nature, to educate ourselves and others around us, to protect our communities or just simply the pure thrill of the chase...but we are all united and come back year after year and share our stories to those around us and look forward to the next year. Sometimes nothing else matters but that next possible chase, myself I continue to go to bed night after night thinking about that next chase or next season; reflecting back on what I can do differently. Come next year I look forward to gathering up all of my gear, filling up that tank of gas and calling up a few new friends to hit the road. Thank you to all of those that supported me this season; those I met and provided me with that extra bit of knowledge and allowed me to follow along in their steps.

The finale to this season still lies ahead; I am putting together a event at my work to bring people together and educate the communities that surround. This will also provide a chance for everyone to see how we use new technology to support what we do. I invite everyone to come out and see Adam Lucio, Danny Neal, myself and possibly more to come and hear about all of our experiences. Here's to next season everyone, I'll see ya out on the road...

Here are a few photos from this past season chases:

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