Sunday, March 8, 2009

March 8th Chase

Early morning a Moderate Risk went up for parts of Southern Ill. I ended up taking a personal day off work and last min. decided to go for it rather than head home. I started out the day late, running behind to meet up with a few chasers down in Gilman Ill. Along the way down I came across blasting white out rains, freckles of hail and high winds which took me off the road for a bit. As I came out of the blasting rain SE of me about 10 miles maybe I noticed what looked like a Tornado on the ground, however I did not have time to watch for rotation as I was blasted again by intense rains. I tried to cruise through it, however when I was clear of the rain again there was nothing there. I stopped along the way and took a few photo's knowing I was way to far behind to catch up at this point and just wanted to get used to the camera settings again for the new season. In the end I traveled about 300 some odd miles and crapped out. However it was a great drive and got to see some crazy cloud to ground lightning, got hit by intense winds and rains, so I am still happy about the trip. I am looking forward to the new season and what will become..

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